Reflections and Surmises on Minority Rights

Who am I, and why am I blogging?

Welcome to my new site. I am a senior academic at the University of Sussex and have been working on minority rights (and in particular European minority rights law) for 20 plus years. But I still have more questions than answers, and wanted to share some reflections and surmises to help inform my own work and (hopefully) also that of others going forward.

Latest from the Blog

Northern Ireland Census 2021

So the results of Census 2021 in Northern Ireland have now been released. This coincided with some reflections on a call for papers focusing on the relationship between the protection of minority rights and conflict resolution and prevention. Here the experiences of Northern Ireland seem to have little to offer to the debate. Yes, both the Council ofContinue reading “Northern Ireland Census 2021”

A new season….

So it has been quite a while since I posted on here. This does not mean that I have stopped thinking about minority rights, just that I have been busy reading, writing and attending conferences in the time that I haven’t spent preparing for the new academic year both as a Director of Teaching andContinue reading “A new season….”

Why the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities Matters

I started this blog in part to air some of my frustrations at the limitations and ambiguities embedded within the European minority rights framework. However, I am not a minority rights sceptic. I became interested in minority rights acutely aware of what can happen when minority rights are not respected, and are indeed sometimes trampledContinue reading “Why the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities Matters”

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